15 emerging beauty brands we discovered at the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo

Bronwyn Isaac from Hello Giggles shares:

“It’s only my second year covering the Indie Beauty Expo, and it’s already marked itself as one of my favorite beauty events out there. Since 2015, the Indie Beauty Expo has annually given hundreds of brands a platform to network with each other, promote their newest goodies, and tell their stories, all under soft lighting.

Whether you’re hoping to learn about some of the pioneers in the indie beauty realm, or you’re excited to witness the imagination of the baby brands just launching this year, there is something for everyone at IBE.

In fact, if anything, I found myself pleasantly overwhelmed by all of the appealing picks this year. With over 14 different categories ranging from color cosmetics, to ingestibles, to fragrance, and skin care, sorting out the golden finds requires true focus.

So, in order to give you a taste of some of the fabulous indie beauty brands currently making the rounds, I picked out a few favorites I came across this year. Variety is the spice of life, so I tried to include a range, but I certainly encourage you to check out the Indie Beauty Expo website for yourself if the mood strikes. It’s basically a massive candy store for beauty junkies.”

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