A Year of Beauty Independent, A Year of Achievement

On Aug. 22, 2017, Beauty Independent was born to bear witness to a revolution—a revolution bringing change to the beauty industry at an unprecedented pace. It’s an avalanche of disruption consisting of thousands of individual ideas and innovations transforming the way we live, work and do business. Behind each idea is a wildly-motivated entrepreneur with an equally strong sense of community. It’s a story for the ages, and one we just had to present.

As a news leader and content platform, Beauty Independent has grown in influence and status in step with the community that it monitors and serves. In an introductory Letter From the Editor that went live with its launch, Beauty Independent’s Editor in Chief Rachel Brown wrote, “We are here for the fierce change makers in the beauty industry enduring rejection to build the great brands of the future.” 

To read more about what our writer Chris Napolitano had to say about Beauty Independent’s year of success, click here. 

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