At the Indie Beauty Expo Berlin 2019

German Blogger Julia recounts her experience at IBE Berlin 2019:

“Although I did not have time to travel to Berlin so shortly before my trip to Brussels, I was drawn to the Indie Beauty Expo on Friday. In the US, this fair is very well established for niche brands and has the reputation of being able to spot the next big brands there. Accordingly, the decoration of the booths and the hall was much more consumption-oriented than at trade shows: flower-adorned locations were available for selfies or Instagram stories.

As a partner, the Indie Beauty Expo Berlin has selected the perfume chain Douglas. Douglas said at the local press conference that he plans to sell significantly more niche brands in the future. With eleven brands, which were presented at trend tables, it starts now. Among the 60 brands that exhibited at the Indie Beauty Expo were a number of natural cosmetics brands. All in all, I noticed that a lot of the brands had phrases that went “green”.”

To see which brands Julia covers, read on.

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