Best In Show Expert Evaluators 2018

The nominated products have been sent to a panel of expert evaluators made up of leading beauty retail buyers, bloggers and editors who will spend nearly two months testing the products in categories they’re assigned to dive into. For many of the evaluators, it’s work they look forward to rolling up their sleeves for.

“My products should be arriving soon, and I plan to use them daily until it’s time to make a decision,” says Susan Yara, founder of the popular YouTube channel Mixed Makeup. “I’ve been in the beauty industry for about 15 years, so what I tend to look for is innovation—mostly in ingredients or how the product is applied. That said, I am always a fan of beauty products that simply work well. There are so many gimmicks and products that are ineffective these days, so when a really good, straight-forward product line launches, I’m all over it.”

Meet the experts below.


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