Daily Kongfidence’s top picks from Neiman Marcus event at Fashion Island

Christine Kong shares her favorite beauty products from Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Island Event in LA. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of her favorite products, she makes sure to mention why you should visit IBE:

“Before we get into the brands and products I am obsessed with, if you haven’t been to an Indie Beauty Expo before, let me tell you why you should go. If you’re skincare obsessed like I am, this is the perfect opportunity to meet the founders of the brands, hear their stories on how they came to develop these products, learn about the ingredients that goes into them, how the products are made and what benefits they have. To hear these from the founders and see their passion and really connect with the brands is unbelievable. I wish I could have purchased every single product that was there because they literally all sound amazing. The general theme of many of these brands I encountered was that many of them are made with natural ingredients and many serve multiple purposes.”

Christine reviews brands such as Adsorb, Circcell, Meant, Le Prunier and Real Her. To read her in depth opinions, click here.

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