Friendly Beauty: what new terminology means for brands and formulators

In an effort to reach consumers looking for safe, effective, knowledge-based beauty, cosmetics and personal care products are being marketed as ‘friendly’. While investors and retailers are looking for a ‘beauty brand she can believe in’. Expressions like ‘environmentally friendly beauty’ have commonly been used as synonyms for (or perhaps more nuanced versions of) ‘sustainable beauty’ or ‘green beauty’ for some time now. And the term ‘microbiome-friendly’ has become fairly common place in the last couple of years, as research advances and claims experts and marketers look for ways to talk about how ingredients and products do or don’t act on skin microbiota.
But lately, friendly beauty seems to be showing up everywhere. At last month’s Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) in Los Angeles, California, Cosmetics Design spoke with brand leaders showcasing, for instance, personal care that’s friendly to sensitive skin, that’s menopause-friendly, or that’s hormone-friendly.

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