How Indie Beauty Brands Punch Above Their Weight

Business of Fashion writes:

Independent beauty brands only represent a sliver of the global market but constitute a growing challenge to legacy players.

NEW YORK, United States — Among the 250 displays inside the Indie Beauty Expo at Pier 36, a brightly coloured grocery store-themed installation attracted an inquisitive crowd.

Under a neon sign of her brand’s logo, Everyday for Every Body, founder Charlotte C. Pienaar fired off facts about her newly launched business of daily cosmetics, including sunscreen and deodorant, all available for under $30. The line is produced in Australia, made without parabens, sulphates, and other controversial ingredients and topped off by a millennial-friendly design and tongue-in-cheek names, like Resting Beach Face.

“It is a very crowded space,” said Pienaar. “I know what I’m doing and I’m passionate about it. I really want people to know more about [my brand] and I feel that, in itself, will be able to differentiate me.”

The $375 billion global beauty market is dominated by giant conglomerates like Estée Lauder and L’Oreal, but the fastest growth belongs to independent brands like Everyday for Every Body. In colour cosmetics, for example, “challenger” independent brands only account for ten percent of the market but are growing four times faster than their legacy competitors, according to Nini Zhang, vice president of luxury, beauty and apparel at Credit Suisse. She spoke at Indie Beauty Expo’s BeautyX Capital Summit, a panel and workshop series that preceded the expo this week.

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