IBE Celebrates Its 2 Year Anniversary


It’s hard to believe, but IBE just turned two years old!

To mark the occasion, we’ve produced a short video to celebrate our journey and shed some light on the path forward.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of the indie beauty community: from the hundreds of amazing brands who exhibited with us to the thousands of attendees who graced our shows.


In just 2 short years, IBE has expanded from a single one-day event to three, three-day events. And next year, IBE goes international with the addition of our fourth show in London!


In 2015, IBE showcased 80 indie beauty brands. In 2017,
we had the pleasure of serving over 400 brands.


Attendee growth in 2017 outpaced brand growth with the largest
increase coming from Buyer attendees.


This year, we also launched our new digital content platform, Beauty Independent, to serve the needs of beauty entrepreneurs.

Beauty Independent’s mission is to report on the beauty entrepreneurs’ journeys and to showcase their innovations, recognize their challenges,
celebrate their accomplishments, and deliver the information and insights they need to succeed. Visit beautyindependent.com


IBE is proud to announce a first-in-class collaboration with Neiman Marcus: ShopTheExpo.ShopTheExpo will kick-off with a limited-time event at Neiman Marcus’ NorthPark location in Dallas, Texas, where shoppers will be able to buy from fifteen amazing brands while meeting their founders. ShopTheExpo will then continue online bringing indie brands to Neiman Marcus customers nationwide. Learn more

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