IBE BERLIN 2019 Highlights

BeautyCalypse is an ethical webzine celebrating the life and style achieved by making truly sustainable healthy choices. She begins her IBE Berlin product review series below by saying:

In case you’re not familiar, the IBE concept is to create a space for beauty brands to present themselves to industry professionals (Trade Day) and to end consumers (Shop day) for two consecutive days. Every edition — New York, L.A., Dallas, London and now Berlin — features established beauty brands as well as several brands that launch exclusively during the show; visitors also can expect special wholesale and/or retail discounts.

US-American wellness site mindbodygreen have once dubbed IBE “an incubator for up-and-coming beauty brands” and this might be the most accurate description of the IBE and its core mission: business. Be discovered. Receive industry and consumer feedback fast. Learn, connect, support and be supported, grow — thrive. Retail partnerships with companies like Feelunique or Neiman Marcus have contributed to live this strategy in the past.

To see the brands that BeautyCalypse covers, see the links below.

Au Naturale




NUI Cosmetics


Sappho New Paradigm



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