INDIE BEAUTY EXPO 2020: Global traditions and novel innovations

In just five years, Indie Beauty Expo has gone from art-house indie to the beauty world’s foremost beauty showcase to see and be seen by media, retailers, buyers, and consumers. Many brands that made their debut at IBE now stock the shelves at major retailers and are at the forefront of current trends.

While it remains true to its original concept as a platform for emerging brands and entrepreneurs, IBE has grown to include packed retail pop-ups at and an organization to assist entrepreneurs with marketing and business strategies.

The Emerging Trends

Just when you thought every beauty trend has had its moment in the sun, fresh ones seem to emerge.  We didn’t know what to expect this year, but we spotted some consistent trends shortly after arriving at the Downtown LA showroom.  During our promenade through the labyrinth of vendors, we repeatedly noticed luxury organic, globally-inspired, minimal ingredients, and cosmetically elegant CBD brands, plus a few novelty products appearing in the mix.

With more choices than ever, it wasn’t easy narrowing our list down to just a few standouts, but with some profound thought and mediation, we got the job done. Click here to see our favorites!

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