Indie Beauty Expo Berlin ’19

Lea Schumacher, beauty blogger of moabiterpflanze shares:

“What is so special about the Indie Beauty Expo compared to other fairs? On the one hand, the companies are run by their founders, who were usually allowed to get to know each other on site. On the other hand, the trade fair is not only open to trade visitors. At the Indie Beauty Expo, consumers can spend the second day in a comparatively calm and above all professional environment with a focus on sharing knowledge. I also like ballspans and slot machines, but I prefer a proper exchange, especially if there are such great things to discover! Be curious! I noticed some trends. Of course, the trend of organic products and products in the quest for sustainability, but also products that appeal to me on a different level more and more in skin care. And products for a quick and high-quality care for our fast-paced time and beauty care about inner nutrition.”

To read about Lea’s full review and experience at IBE Berlin 2019, click here.

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