Indie Beauty Expo founder Jillian Wright talks to us about new beauty trends, including moon cycle skin care

When celebrity esthetician Jillian Wright co-founded the Indie Beauty Expo alongside entrepreneur Nader Naeymi-Rad back in 2015, she had one express goal: to introduce the world to indie beauty brands.

In just three years, her vision of boosting small batch beauty brands has exploded, hosting events in LA, New York, Dallas and London, with plans to showcase in Berlin for the first time this year. Impressively, under Wright’s guidance, the familiar and intimate ethos of the showcase still remains, even as IBE grows in scope.

Many of the indie brand founders have personal stories about how they were first drawn to the beauty world, and you can sense that in the friendly atmosphere of the expo. At first, IBE primarily drew in skin care brands, because of Wright’s namesake skin care brand and experience as an esthetician. But in the past year, the offerings have grown to include everything from hair care, to massage oils, to boob masks.

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