Indie Beauty Expo: What We Loved!

Wow Beauty shares:

“We were really glad when we heard that the Indie Beauty Expo was coming to London, because what we saw of the New York one really excited us!

Now of course there are quite a few beauty shows some of them really huge and some smaller: what we liked about the idea of the Indie Expo is that it is more niche and the perfect opportunity to meet new and interesting brands that we may not be familiar with yet.

We enjoyed our experience there and we thought we’d bring you a selection of some of the brands that we’ve discovered there that we really are excited about as well as things to look out for from brands that we already know and love. One thing that felt like the word on everyone’s lips … how to make a move to being as eco-aware and eco friendly as possible, which is something you’ll notice in these brands that we can’t wait to talk about.”

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