Refund Policy - Indie Beauty Expo

Refund Policy

In the event Exhibitor seeks to cancel their Exhibition Space, withdraw from the Show, or reduce its space requirements for the Show, Exhibitor acknowledges that IBE Management would be harmed and suffer loss and that it would be difficult to determine the precise value for or amount of that harm. All cancellations, withdrawals or requests for reduction in space by Exhibitor must be in writing. The date of cancellation, withdrawal or reduction in space, shall be the postmark date on the notice. If Exhibitor cancels, withdraws or reduces its space requirements for the Show less than 90 days before the first day of the Show, Exhibitor agrees to pay to IBE Management the full amounts previously set forth if not previously paid by Exhibitor, and Exhibitor will not be entitled to any refund. Such payment shall be liquidated damages and not a penalty, and the parties agree that such amounts constitute a reasonable provision for liquidated damages. However, if Exhibitor cancels, withdraws or reduces its space requirements for the Show more than 90 days before the first day of the Show, IBE Management will refund 100% of the Total Booth Space Fee (or whatever fees have been paid by Exhibitor at that point), minus a $250 administrative and processing fee. The form of refund will be in the sole discretion of IBE Management, and the refund will be issued no later than 90 days after the last day of the show. If a reduction in space is requested, Exhibitor’s booth space on the Show floor may be moved in the sole discretion of IBE Management. Any cancellation or failure of Exhibitor to actually occupy the exhibition space assigned to Exhibitor may, in IBE Management’s sole discretion, result in partial or complete forfeiture of Exhibitor’s rights under any applicable sponsorship agreements or opportunities including, but not limited to, the right to present speakers at, or participate in, any conference component of the Show. Cancellation fees cannot be applied toward exhibit space at other shows or advertisement. In the event Exhibitor fails to make any payments as contemplated herein, Exhibitor shall be deemed in default, and IBE Management shall have the right to retain Exhibitor’s deposit and all monies paid as IBE Management’s non-exclusive remedy, thereby reserving any and all rights under law including, without limitation, IBE Management’s right to collect the full amount set forth on the front hereof. In the event of default by Exhibitor, IBE Management shall have the right, but not the obligation, to license the subject Show space to another exhibitor prior to the Show without any rebate or allowance whatsoever to the Exhibitor and without in any way releasing said Exhibitor from any liability hereunder, and said Exhibitor expressly agrees to pay IBE Management the full sum set forth on the front hereof. Exhibitor shall remain liable for the full balance under the terms of the Agreement together with all costs of collection including, but not limited to, all reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and interest. IBE Management will not be liable for the fulfillment of this Agreement as to the delivery of exhibit space if non-delivery is due to any of the following causes: by reason of the Hall being damaged or destroyed by fire, act of God, public enemy, war or insurrections, strikes, the authority of the law, postponement or cancellation of the Show, or for any cause beyond its control. IBE Management will, however, in the event of its not being able to hold the Show for any of the above named reasons, reimburse Exhibitor on a pro-rata basis on any amount paid in, less any and all legitimate expenses incurred, such as but not limited to rent, advertising, salaries, operating costs, event management fees, venue costs, etc. If IBE Management cancels or terminates the Show, for any reason other than stated in the previous paragraph, the Exhibitor waives all claims it might have against IBE Management for damages or expenses and Exhibitor agrees to accept in complete satisfaction and discharge of all claims against IBE Management a refund of all amounts paid by the Exhibitor to IBE Management in accordance with this agreement.