Sisters are doing it for themselves at the 2019 Los Angeles Indie Beauty Expo

Jillian Wright and entrepreneur, Nader Naeymi-Rad debuted their Indie Beauty Expo in the summer of 2015 in NYC in hopes they’d provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty brands and to support the growth and success of the gutsy, bold and driven women and men behind them. Indie brands are among the fastest growing product categories. They’ve become their own “thing” or “trend,” if you will, and are a “must have” in almost every retail store’s offerings. I found my way to the first Los Angeles edition of IBE in January of 2016. As I walked in, I was transfixed by all the warm smiles, excitement and pride each brand exuded eager to show and share with attendees the fruits of all their hard labor in their quest to launch everything from skincare to haircare to essential oil blends and so much more. I’ve been religiously returning in 2017, 2018 and just last week in 2019! It’s definitely one of the more challenging things I do, to narrow down the field of approximately 187 exhibitors to a mere top 5, but lets get to it and let you have a bird’s eye view of some really great up and coming beauty and wellness entrepreneurs and their brands.

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