Source to Grow With Uplink Live

Source to grow with Uplink Live launch partners and referral program.

With the onboarding of packagers, logistic companies, ingredient suppliers, distributors, product manufacturers, and the addition of a referral program, Uplink Live has quickly developed into a new source for growth for independent beauty brands. Shortly after Uplink Live was announced, over a dozen solution providers applied to join as launch partners for the event. They will anchor a group of 50-plus exhibitors eager to work with independent and emerging brands that will occupy a wing within Indie Beauty Expo New York at Pier 94 on August 21-22.

The Uplink Live wing will also feature 30-minute presentations from participating exhibitors. One such presenter will be ingredient supplier and market leader Croda Specialty Care. “I think indie brands will benefit from our formulation and technical expertise,” said Croda’s Donna Petretti. “We are excited to have the opportunity to meet with indie brands in a more intimate setting to understand their challenges and find ways to support their growth and future success.”

To help build the strength of the network, Uplink Live launched a referral program to encourage brands (and solution providers) to share good working relationships. “Uplink digital provides four key attributes for brands: choice, speed, trust and confidence,” said IBMG co-founder Nader Naeymi-Rad. “With the new referral program, we’re bulking up our commitment to the trust and confidence IBE’s brands can have in the vendors who join us. It’s another layer of third-party validation where people within the community can directly help each other.” The program, which encourages both brands and solution providers to refer companies to IBMG for inclusion in its expos—and receive a reward for doing so—kicks off today.

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