The Best Products I Found at the Indie Beauty Expo

I find most beauty conventions to be extremely stressful. With good reason: I was almost trampled to death by a hoard of Gen Z girls at Kylie Cosmetics’ booth at Beautycon last year. Despite the fear instilled in me by that horror show, I’ve always been curious about Indie Beauty Expo, an event that showcases the newest and best in smaller, independently owned brands. As a beauty addict who happens to be interested in purchasing from ethically produced, female-owned companies, I thought Indie Beauty Expo might be a good place to find some exceptional products I’d never heard of before. And I wasn’t wrong! I spent a whole day walking around, swatching and testing products, and meeting founders. I also managed to snag a ton of samples, many of which I’ve been using in my daily routine since.

Click here to see my very favorite products I discovered at Indie Beauty Expo.

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