The biggest trend in indie beauty right now: Saving the world

So, what’s hot in the beauty world right now? For starters, clean beauty is the standard in 2020, not the exception. We noticed this and more while strolling through this week’s two-day Indie Beauty Expo, a gathering of more than 200 independent global beauty brands at the Magic Box in downtown Los Angeles.

“The biggest trend in beauty right now is sustainability,” says Leah-Vail Soloff, founder and chief executive of Quartz PR. “For almost a decade, the focus was on clean beauty and how to create better-quality natural products. Now, it’s all about how brands will take a stance to do their part for the environment and consciously consume.”

Beyond sustainability, independent global beauty brands are focused on wellness, self-care and “slow beauty,” a mindful approach to beauty that goes beyond the quick fix.

“People want to have a special connection with personal-care products,” says celebrity esthetician Jillian Wright, cofounder of the Indie Beauty Expo and a former skin-care expert for Olay. “They want to feel something with the brands they bring into their orbit. … Independent beauty has a lot of soul. You have direct access to the people bringing products to market, whether that’s a farmer or an attorney or gynecologist. Owners come in all shapes and sizes from around the world.”

Click here to see some of the intriguing expo finds, guaranteed to be game changers in the year of beauty ahead.

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