Three of our IBE NY 2018 Exhibitors using nourishing goat milk for super soft skin

The Fashion Spot touts: “Goat milk has been used since ancient times when Egyptians harnessed its power to moisturize skin. Even if they didn’t know the precise science behind it, they clearly knew it was a hero ingredient. Today, we know goat milk contains high levels of vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Goat milk also contains a bunch of minerals that benefit skin, including selenium which helps prevent sun damage over time. Goat milk separates itself from other milk skin care products because it’s easier for those of us with sensitive skin to use. 

Among the 12 hand-selected brands, 3 IBE NY exhibitors made the cut with their effective formulas. To read more about goat milk and which indie brands were highlighted, read on.

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