Tracking the Rise of the Indie Brands

Knowing and understanding your customers’ needs is at the center of every successful business. And because of the deep understanding of what today’s consumers (and especially the millennials!) want, Indie Beauty brands have emerged strongly into the spotlight.

Their entry into the mainstream has been largely driven by the fact that they are innovative and are aligned with the ever-growing natural, sustainable & clean beauty segment. Some of the big positives include:

  • Majority of the products are organic
  • Use of indigenous ingredients that are sourced locally and sustainably
  • Simple ingredients, simple formulations with transparent claims
  • Equal importance given to the packaging – often biodegradable, recyclable and having a low carbon footprint

So, when did this boom begin? Here are some of the landmark events that got the whole industry talking about them:

  →  2015: Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) makes its debut in New York
→  2018: Amazon launches the Indie Beauty Shop
→  2019: in-cosmetics global launches the Indie Trail
Here’s an interesting statistical fact to understand the scale of their growth better: From 2015 to 2019, IBE reported that it has seen an 814.63% increase in exhibiting brands!

To track the rise of one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry, I attended the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) in London (October 2019). This gave me an opportunity to talk to the beauty entrepreneurs (happy to see that the majority were women!) and understand more about their success stories & challenges. And, it also helped me get a sneak peek into the popular claims and innovative ingredients.

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