VIKE Beauty at IBE LA: launching a brand and elevating a category

At last month’s Indie Beauty Expo event in Los Angeles, California, the beauty influencers known on InstaGram as The Vike Twins were showcasing their newly launched brand and category disrupting makeup remover mist. caught up with Alina and Inessa Vike at IBE to learn more about the brand’s first and future products as well as the advantages and challenges of being both beauty influencers and now brand founders.
VIKE Beauty launched at Ipsy Live in October of 2019. And to-date, the brand has only one product: a spray-on makeup remover.
“The reason why we created out brand,”  says Inessa Vike is that, “[as influencers] we used to use makeup wipes and we found that to be so harsh to the skin and realized that it’s so bad for the environment.”
“We knew there had to be a better way,” she tells Cosmetics Design Editor Deanna Utroske. “So, we really wanted to evolve the makeup remover space.”

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