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The first ever Indie Beauty Expo (iBE) on August 27th, 2015 in New York City, was, by all key barometers, a rousing success, surpassing even the most optimistic expectations.  From exhibitors to buyers to media and consumers, attendees were dazzled by the energy and dedication of the indie beauty movement on display.  

“Finally, the category has a venue that is custom-tailored to meet its needs and to shine a spotlight on this innovative and unique collection of entrepreneurs,” said Jillian Wright, iBE co-founder.

“With a packed house, the Expo delivered on attendance with over one thousand participants, including consumers, reporters, buyers and other trade professionals enthusiastically passing through the doors,” added Nader Naeymi-Rad, iBE co-founder.

iBE, by the numbers…

Buyers, Exhibitors, Press, and Beauty Experts are buzzing…

Isa Brito of Isa Restoratives – “Such an amazing triumph… I can’t wait for next year.”

Taylor Bryant of Refinery29 – “. . . an array of product samples so vast that even this beauty editor broke out in a sweat.”

Laura Heilman of Stiks Cosmetics – “Flawless show! STIKS did great and made tons of connections.”

Katie Hess of Lotus Wei – “I was astonished at the massive crowds that showed up for the expo. People were waiting in line on the street to get in before the doors opened, and the line stretched over two city blocks.”

Claire McCormack of Huffington Post – “I feel truly lucky to have been in attendance at this event. As a female entrepreneur, I was moved and inspired by all the girl bosses in the building!”

Chase Polan of Kypris Beauty – “The show was an absolutely wild success.  [iBE has] officially pulled off what no one has been able to do for indie beauty with stunning grace and epic rapport… I’m thrilled we can say we were there from the beginning.” 

Jessica Richards of Shen Beauty – “It was absolutely amazing. I was so honored to be a part of it.”

Annie Tevelin of Skin Owl – “How wonderful it was being a part of this memorable day.”

Meredith Thalheimer, executive buyer at AHA Life – “For a retailer like AHA life, finding unique brands that separate us from the competition is paramount.  iBE introduced us to product lines we’ve never heard of, all with fascinating stories.  But what we loved most was that they have integrity being clean and are truly unique.  Most were owned by women and we love supporting female-owned businesses.”

Ellen Thomas of WWD – “If the first-ever Indie Beauty Expo was any indication, the Indie brand boom shows no signs of slowing down.”

CEW— “[the show’s debut]…exemplified what a trade show should feel, look, and act like in the very competitive beauty tradeshow landscape.”

The Expo’s founders underscored their commitment to supporting indie leaders with the announcement of the iBE Best in Show Awards, which are designed to highlight these “smart beauty” pioneers even further. The judging committee is comprised of the judging chair (and Expo advisor) Marie Watkinson of Spa Chicks on the Go and judges Andrea Nagel of CEW, Jeannie Jarnot of Beauty Heroes, Cheryl Kramer Kaye of SHAPE Magazine, Jessica Richards of Shen Beauty and celebrity makeup artist, Cynde Watson. Winners will be announced in October.  

iBE’s mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and promote independent beauty brands to retailers, consumers and the media.

This is just the beginning.

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